Reasons To Use A Free PDF Converter

Currently, there are more than 300 million PDF files on the internet. There are several reasons for the popularity of PDF among internet users. Some of them being, they are easier to read from, have huge compatibility, give you the feel of reading through a book even though you are just on your phone or desktop and lastly, PDF files are quite secure. PDF files can even be secured with a password.

Despite having several benefits people still prefer Word documents over PDF for some reason or the other. One of the major disadvantages of PDF files is that they can’t be easily edited or updated. Since you can’t work on a PDF file, it is crucial that you know the reasons to use an effective free PDF converter and why PDFSimpli is our top pick.

Spend less time editing documents

Even without messing up the format, you can edit a document by using a free PDF converter and converting the PDF file to a word document. You can enhance the document by using the various fonts, styles, and other features present in word which makes your document look more appealing.

Efficient Batch conversion

Free PDF converter helps you to convert a bunch of PDF files to word documents at 500 times faster than the average conversion speed. Not only that, it is probably one of the most effective ways to re-use the contents of the PDF.

More than just editing

Converting PDF files to word documents is more than just formatting them according to your needs; it also helps to conserve the tables, graphics, and images when you convert the contents from an original PDF file to a word document.

Word document is classic

Even though PDF has grown to be quite popular among people, word has been available to people since the very beginning. They find it easier to work on word documents than on PDF files. Other than that, the options are also varied and more compared to PDF files. You can change, edit and update the text in whatever color, style, font, or even size you want. Most people are habituated with a word document and prefer using a free PDF converter to convert the PDF files to Word documents. A free PDF converter is a perfect application to edit PDF in Word without much disruption and complications.


Using word documents and PDFs is not only making the work easier but also is significantly saving the trees. You can use the PDFSimpli’s free PDF Converter to convert your work PDF files to word documents. The editing in a word document will obviously will easier, flexible but will also provide you with a range of editing features and options. The application is safe to use and is quite easy to use. There are no instructions required to use the application. All you have to do is visit the website, attach the PDF, convert it to word, download the document and start working on it. It’s that simple!

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