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What is the history of WPIT?

WPIT, which signed on the air in 1947, has been a religious station for most of its life, and at one time was a simulcast of its FM sister station up until 1993, when both stations were sold to Salem. WPIT's studios were once located on Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh.

Is WPIT a Christian radio station?

WPIT (730 kHz) is a commercial AM radio station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It carries a Christian talk and teaching radio format. At night, Christian contemporary music is heard. WPIT is licensed to the Salem Communications Holding Corporation, which is owned by the Salem Media Group.

Where is WPIT located in Pittsburgh?

The studios are at Parkway Center in Pittsburgh. By day, WPIT is powered at 5,000 watts. But because 730 AM is a Canadian and Mexican clear channel frequency WPIT must reduce power to only 24 watts at night, to avoid interference. The transmitter is off Mount Troy Road in Pittsburgh.

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